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Keroz Nazri - Suatu Hari Nanti

Hello fellas!
Friday, 7 June 2013 | 19:09 | 0 comments

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii omg omg dah lama gila tak update blog. Cam hape je dah jadi. Okay not gonna make a long one since ive got no idea what to spill. Heyyerr mid term holiday is abt to end. Sad everyone is sad. But we sbpian should be the saddest among all. Loooool ahad ni balik asrama weh siapa nak?! Dengan batch aku ada masalah kat ask.fm lol idc wtv bukan kitorang pun. Okay and i deactivated my twitter acc just now idk why. Malam ni dah azam nak tidur awal esok pun bangun awal. Lepas esok hari ahad. Omg taknakkkkkk. Faham tak betapa terseksanya kena balik college semula........ Dah elok elok cuti tetiba balik sek. Dahlah nanti dapat markah bm and hi. Mesti cam hamlau lol okay. Nice hol though. Went to Legoland, Pantai Desaru and JPO foshoo. Hehe well yeah thats all kot. Hv a nice three-days-left of holiday!! Hv a blast xo

Tuesday, 4 December 2012 | 22:33 | 1 comments

Assalamualaikum hello hi . Okay tonight i want to post something about changes . People do change , am i right ? Lalala im not excepted ok . I change too . But im not really sure whether im changing to a better person or what . What i know is that there are a few people who doesn't like my changes . C'mon bro , life goes on . Once we fail , doesn't mean we will fail forever . And once we fall , we should never stay at the bottom . Stand up . Bring a new spirit . Make new friends . Do something productive . Oh come on , i know no one ever wish that his/her life will be forever sad or whatsoever . We always wish for something new and good . So , move . Make your steps . Start from now . And never care what people will say . Just at least , make it as an advice . For us to be better . Lastly , i want to apologize anyone or maybe everyone for all my wrong-doings and maybe to those who don't like my changes . Well , im not perfect though . Im sorry truly from my heart . That's all . Good night and assalamualaikum . xx