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Keroz Nazri - Suatu Hari Nanti

aku kena tag lah pulok !
Saturday, 22 October 2011 | 21:55 | 2 comments
tanpa kerelaan hati...
aku nak kena answer soalan2 daripada si bertuah aina..

1) do u hate my blog? why?
=nope..coz i like ur blog

2)when is ur crush?
= crush tu apa?

3)when will u eat?
= when the time comes

4)do u prefer domo or angry bird?
= angry bird

5)k-pop or anime?
= anime

6)do u love to tweet?
= seriously,more than love

7)what will scares u?
= men's voice

8)do u love to cheat when exam?
= no

9)u're in the first or last class?
= first

10)would u eat someone when there is no food?
= nope

11)how r u gonna answer these questions?
= rudely,bro !

ok..done..bye !