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Keroz Nazri - Suatu Hari Nanti

Tuesday, 4 December 2012 | 22:33 | 1 comments

Assalamualaikum hello hi . Okay tonight i want to post something about changes . People do change , am i right ? Lalala im not excepted ok . I change too . But im not really sure whether im changing to a better person or what . What i know is that there are a few people who doesn't like my changes . C'mon bro , life goes on . Once we fail , doesn't mean we will fail forever . And once we fall , we should never stay at the bottom . Stand up . Bring a new spirit . Make new friends . Do something productive . Oh come on , i know no one ever wish that his/her life will be forever sad or whatsoever . We always wish for something new and good . So , move . Make your steps . Start from now . And never care what people will say . Just at least , make it as an advice . For us to be better . Lastly , i want to apologize anyone or maybe everyone for all my wrong-doings and maybe to those who don't like my changes . Well , im not perfect though . Im sorry truly from my heart . That's all . Good night and assalamualaikum . xx